Competent. Involved. Friendly.

Only competent and motivated employees, who work as a team, enabling the appropriate professional realization of your dream garden corresponding to the previous planning.

Our employees have learned - depending on the position - the most diverse occupations, which cover the entire range that is necessary for running a successful garden and landscape company. This includes technical or technically-oriented professional fields (e.g. machinists, engineers, landscapers) as well as commercial activities.

All employees (Managing Director, employees, industrial employees by seniority):

Stephan Sallermann

Managing Director, Landscape architect

Mathias Feuerstack

Operations Manager, Gardening and landscaping engineer (B. Eng.)

Hans-Joachim Winner

Construction site organization, Construction site manager

Marian Sallermann

Construction site organization

Cornelia Schulte-Mork

Office, Accounting

Achim Mende

Skilled worker, Machinist

Stefan Bock

Foreman, Landscape gardener, Training manager

Sadik Bozhdaraj

Skilled worker, Machinist

Benjamin Lollert

Foreman, Landscape gardener

Christian Hundertmark

Foreman, Landscape gardener

Marcel Blümel

Landscape gardener

Ulrich Sawitzky

Skilled worker

Bernd Schumann

Driver, Craftsman

Björn Dräger

Civil Engineering Worker

Achim Saleski

Truck driver

Stefan Bock (Jr.)

Horticulture technician, Foreman

Ibrar Zaki

Landscape Gardener

Haki Istrefaj

Garden skilled worker

Mehamed Ahmado

Garden skilled worker

Jonas Magiera

Landscape Gardener

Giovanni Bianco

Road builder

Dominik Jo Pienkny


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