Marian Sallermann

Construction site organization

Construction site organization

At Sallermann since September 2005

For many years, Marian Sallermann has been working in the crafting area of our company.

Since March 2017, he has been involved in the preparation of our order offers as well as the production of the graphic implementation of our garden plans. He is also responsible for the general organizational construction site management. Visiting customers with appropriate advice is an integral part of his daily tasks.

Assessment of playgrounds for accidents

Each public or semi-public institution must have its playgrounds tested annually for potential hazards. This is for the safety of the playing children and is decisive for any insurance protection. The legal security requirements should be taken into account when planning gaming installations.

You can also find out more in our service category Playground construction and safety inspections.

All colleagues

Kennen Sie schon die Kollegen von Marian Sallermann? Jeder ist auf seinem Gebiet ein engagierter Mitstreiter (representation in the order "Managing Director, employees, industrial employees by seniority").

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