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Swimming ponds

A natural swimming pond, which fits perfectly in your own garden? Enjoying holiday mood in your own garden? - A pond makes it possible.

However, in order to have long term joy in your own swimming oasis, many aspects have to be considered. These include the size and depth of the swimming zone, the type of wall (ground modeled or vertically), the accessibility of the site, the plot location (slope or flat surface), the groundwater level, the composition of the ground, the height of the landfill costs, the type the biological filtration (pond or river), the filter surfaces, the size of the shallow water, the equipment variants (underwater lights, counter-current unit, heating, etc.), the sealing arrangements (foil, steel, concrete), the quality of the filling water, the material of the wooden decks, etc.

The construction of a swimming pond is an area of ​​garden design, which should be planned and carried out professionally. Also building regulations issues should be resolved in advance.

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