We are your specialist for the implementation of nature-related, creative and functional outside surface environments. We accompany you from the idea and planning phase until the continuous maintenance - with commitment and pleasure in the result.


Garden and landscape care

A good garden design also includes professional maintenance. If necessary, we help you with your scheduled maintenance jobs.

In addition to the permanent lawn care even a fundamental renewal or refreshment might be necessary. Planted areas need a balanced fertilization for continued existence. Sometimes it is even better to remove excess plants at the right time, rather than the total stock takes a wrong development.

One of our specialties is the maintenance of swimming ponds. We clean the swimming area in a gentle way so that newts and frogs are not suffocated or chopped by ground suction devices.

Difficult tree cuttings and other woody works are executed economically. With our powerful shredders we can solve disposal problems at low costs. Coppice cuts are made by us in accordance with the landscape protection law only in the period from October 1st to February 28th.

Do you have problems with the management of your park, a meadow or woody plants in the open countryside? Shall habitats outside to be maintained meaningful or is a pond in the open country strongly silted?

In the field of Garden and landscape care, we have prepared 3 showcases. These reports can give you a first idea on how we work. We are happy to answer questions you may have.

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The following picture gallery, which will be continuously developed, can only provide a first impression of the service category Garden and landscape care. We should personally talk about your specific requirements and ideas.

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