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A pergola is a space forming way of pillars or a colonnade, typically covered with climbing plants such as wine or ivy. Originally, it was a sun protection in the transition area between the house and terrace. Nowadays, a canopy between the house and garage is often referred to as a pergola.

Pergolas serve today to emphasize and to structure public or private open spaces as a freestanding physical structure or as a pergola transition. They are often used to delineate the private terrace. All pergola types have in common that they are half-open at the top, as opposed to an arbor or a shade roof.

As post material a fine masonry, a single elongated stone (monolith pergola) or wooden or metal support structures can be used. It is important to solidly fix the pergola foot to prevent a blow over or lifting of the pergola.

As a cover wood, metal or composite materials or combinations of materials are used. Depending on the arrangement the pergola is called a cassette or slats pergola.

In the field of Pergolas, we have prepared 3 showcases. These reports can give you a first idea on how we work. We are happy to answer questions you may have.

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