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Playground construction and safety inspections

We take great care to ensure that the children can safely play on your playgrounds.

Our certified expert for playground equipment is Marian Sallermann. We are authorized to carry out visual routine inspections, operational inspections and annual main inspections according to the standards DIN EN 1176, DIN 7926 as well as DIN EN 1177. Any deficiencies can be rectified immediately and cost-effectively.

Our company has many years of experience in the construction of children's playgrounds. Thus we are your partner for the renovation and conversion of playground equipment of all kinds according to the standards DIN 18034 and DIN EN 1176 as well as for the rehabilitation of existing installations. This also includes the repair and replacement of individual playing installations.

Playground control, playground safety and playground tests according to DIN EN 1176, DIN 7926 and DIN EN 1177

Only by professional playground controls the playground safety for children can be ensured. Many accidents occur on playgrounds not only because of the child's inaccurate assessments. Most of the playground accidents are caused by inadequate fall protection or by non-observance of safety distances between playground equipment. Technical deficiencies, trapping sites or wear on equipment also jeopardize the safety of playgrounds and the safety of children.

For children, an experienced minor pain in minor accidents is acceptable and an important learning aid. This also includes bruises. As a result, the children develop their self-protection behavior at an early stage and learn to safely assess hazards. It is a problem for children, if they can not recognize a danger. We then speak of incalculable risks. This includes hidden hazards due to technical deficiencies.

Our offer

Safety inspections

The legislature has stipulated that owners of the playgrounds are responsible for the technical safety of their installations within the scope of the traffic safety obligation. According to the playground equipment standard DIN EN 1176 the construction of a safety management is required. Our playground controls comply with the standards DIN EN 1176, DIN 7926 and DIN EN 1177. DIN EN 1176 has adopted technical rules which set minimum requirements for playground safety. In the first place, accidents are to be avoided in playgrounds which lead to serious damage. The reasonableness can not be exceeded.

Among other things, we support you with the following certified services:

Visual routine inspection

(Playground check from daily to weekly)

  • An inspection includes, among other things, the inspection of: cleanliness of the plant, distance from the ground, condition of the ground surface, free foundations, sharp edges, missing or projecting parts, excessive wear of moving parts, stability of the equipment.
  • We detect and eliminate all obvious sources of danger that were produced e.g. through vandalism, weather effects or use.
  • We create an illustrated condition and deficiency report.
Operational inspection

(Playground check every 1-3 months or according to the manufacturer's specification)

  • Detailed inspection to verify the operational safety and stability of the playground
  • Inspection of wearing parts
  • Check the connecting parts, screws and joints
  • Creation of an illustrated condition and deficiency report
Annual main inspection or playground test
  • Determination of the general operational safety of the equipment, foundations and surfaces and the whole place
  • Verification of the correct implementation of all services performed during the year (e.g. maintenance, repairs).
  • Detection of all changes to plant safety due to weather influences such as corrosion or rotting
  • Creation of an illustrated condition and deficiency report

Playground construction

There are many different aspects that are to be considered in playground planning with regard to the safety and attractiveness of the facility. In order to minimize the costs and hassles for all parties involved by creating a non-standard playground, we offer you advice during the planning phase. We are able to carry out the construction of all playgrounds. We also plan and build all kinds of playgrounds. Thus planning mistakes are avoided from the outset and immediately after the end of the building the play area can be used. This saves time, costs and nerves. The acceptance of a new playground includes, among other things, the testing of all playground equipment, including safety distances and fall protection. Furthermore, the playground is also tested for compliance with DIN EN 1176, DIN 18034 and other regulations.

Our customers

Our clients include city administrations, various non-profit associations, housing associations, church administrations, playschools of various carriers as well as day-care centers.

Legal basis

Over the past 54 years, the importance and diversity of playgrounds and equipment has increased. In the beginning of the 1970s this caused the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) to deal with playground safety and playground regulations. In the course of European unification, the European standards (EN) were developed. In addition, the legislator has created framework conditions that can be directly or indirectly linked to playgrounds. This results in several rules and laws for DIN-compliant playgrounds.

Product Safety Act (ProdSG)

The Product Safety Law (ProdSG), formerly the Equipment and Product Safety Law (GPSG), applies less to the playground operator than to the manufacturer of children's play equipment. § 4 of the ProdSG regulates, in particular, the technical safety of play devices. Thereafter, only devices which are subject to the recognized rules of technology may be placed on the market.

Civil Code (BGB)

The playground owner is responsible for the technical safety of his installations within the scope of the traffic safety obligation (§ 823 BGB). In the case of culpable acts or omissions, he or his employees shall be liable in the event of damage. The judges shall use the recognized rules of technology to assess a culpable act. The relevant DIN EN standards apply as acknowledged rules of technology. Whoever sticks to it usually acts properly.

DIN 18034, DIN EN 1176, DIN EN 1177, DIN 7926

In the DIN 18034 goals for the playground design, the play value and the pedagogical approach are formulated. DIN EN 1176 and DIN 7926 describe the requirements for the safety of playground equipment and the necessary safety measures. Recommendations for the maintenance and control of the systems are given here. The DIN EN 1177 regulates the nature of the fall protection material as a function of the drop height; in the latest version only the determination of the critical drop height is part of the standard.

Positive and negative examples

Worn sprouts, protruding shavings - the following figure shows only some significant weak points, but also 4 positive examples.

In the field of Playground construction and safety inspections, we have prepared 1 showcase until now. Based on this report just get an idea on how we work. We are happy to answer questions you may have.

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Playground construction and safety inspections

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